A brokerage needs a solution that helps agents become more efficient so they make more money in less time.

EASy Solution from Mark Madore, Family First Realty

Everyone needs tools and tricks to stay focused on the tasks at hand.  Without a system to get things done, little things prevent us from accomplishing big things.  EASy fulfills the promises we make to our Sellers to market their home.  Our agents are then free to focus on the next stream of revenue-producing tasks.  EASy tracks advertising, past client connections, referrals, outside leads, commission goals, ... nearly everything an agent needs to stay on target to meet their income goals.  As a broker, I can see what is working and which agents need additional coaching.

Nurture Prospects and Clients

Assign frequency levels for touch

Software displays who to call

Track email connections

Track phone connections

Track web use for each person 

Certified mailing addresses

Referral tracking by person

Transaction tools

Sales volume goals

Create reminders attached to person

Create TAGs for marketing use 

CRM systems get too big and don’t integrate with other marketing solutions; forcing agents to learn multiple systems.

EASy Solution from Jay Dowdy, BHHS All American Homes

I’ve tried many CRM solutions and most missed the simplicity of the key money-making activities. With EASy, I manage my connections from my phone and track calls, emails, direct mail, leads, advertising,... everything. It’s real estate software made by people who know how real estate agents work. EASy listens to agents to guide development and because they built their own software, they can change it. I use the software and if I need another feature or a change of how it works, they listen, ask questions, and change it for me. That’s worth everything to me.

Connect with Current and Past clients

Automated system for calls, email, mail

Provides effective reasons to call

Reminders for next step

Create associations with Tags

Track listing transactions by VIP

Note history 

Auto-track calls, emails, mailings

Track referrals back to VIPs

Track leads back to VIPs

Track VIP web traffic on your site

Attach relative files to VIP 

Repeat business and Referrals are king. If it can be measured it can be managed. If it’s not, you can’t be for sure.

EASy Solution from Chet & Beth Smith, BHHS C. Dan Joyner REALTORS®

We knew we had repeat business from our past clients but we lacked an effective tool for measuring. EASy approached us with a new solution and then performed a free evaluation of how effective we were on repeat business. They were able to show us which of our buyer clients sold the house they bought through us. We were shocked to find how ineffective we were at getting those listings. Over a three year period, we lost hundreds of thousands in commissions from past clients that re-listed with other agencies that nurtured them away. That’s not going to happen again thanks to EASy.

NAR: 75% buyers are referral/personal

NAR: 85% sellers are referral/personal

Nurture past clients for referrals

Connect through phone, email, mail

EASy delivers whom to call each week

Reasons to Call offered with each call

Software tracks when, where, what

Monitoring system to focus attention

Create reminders for next step

Track “referred by” to gauge MVPs

Transaction tool for each client

Call and dictate notes on your phone

I have to stay in touch with my past clients while getting marketing completed for dozens of listings.

EASy Solution from Angela Mayfield, Real Estate Central

The best use of my time is being face-to-face with clients and not bogged down in administrative busy work. Once EASy created my postcard design, all of my postcards go out the door and into my clients’ mailboxes and I never spend a minute logging into a system or uploading a file. It’s all automated and the metrics I need to manage the system are auto-populated into the system so I can nurture my sphere and spend my time where I really make my money.

Built to your brand specifications

No technology learning curve 

Connect with past clients

Leverage listing success for referrals

Fulfill commitments to sellers

Reclaim your time

Automation beginning-to-end

Flyers, referral cards, postcards, more

Define the parameters for orders

Notifications for follow-up

Prospect with highly targeted lists

No hidden fees 

I have no idea which are the most effective or which clients are using multiple websites.

EASy Solution from Cindy Elkins, Family First Realty

When I began real estate 11 years ago, the listing agent received almost ALL of the leads of their own listed property. Now with Zillow, Trulia and others, leads on my properties are given to other agents who have paid to be a Premier Agent After several years of ignoring them, I signed up to be a Premier Agent with the promise that I would get my own leads. Yet, I mostly get distressed property leads listed by other agents, which is most concerning. Lead Funnel gives me the ROI info I need. As a result, I will not be renewing with Premier Agent in the future.

Bring all of your lead sources together

Get text notifications for ANY lead

Uses your phone number, not a new #

Auto-import into Nurturing

Compile sources back to one person

Log interaction type for best practices

Create Reminder for next step

Prospect on drip email campaigns

Lead dashboard for reporting metrics

Auto-import lead details, comments

Measure lead sources

Lead routing prefs for teams/brokerage 

NAR shows yard sign usage has actually increased over the last 20 years with increased Internet use.

EASy Solution from Bob & Linda Brown, BHHS C. Dan Joyner REALTORS®

Not all text codes are created equally. We have seen other systems but EASy’s text code system is the best. We use text code sign riders because we can capture the name and phone number of the buyer that is in front of the house RIGHT THEN. The buyer gets a link to the listing on OUR WEBSITE, (a huge distinction from other systems) we instantly capture the lead, the system tracks all the details - everything we need to know for our business. Oh, and the codes are re-assignable so we re-use the sign riders and save money.

Text code for every listing

Branded text codes for distinction

Re-assignable to new listings

Capture phone number for follow-up

Reverse look-up of name (when avail.)

Lead immediately gets link to listing

Link to the listing on your website

Agent immediately gets notification

Lead notification in email and text

Lead added to EASy Nurturing system

Lead tracking for conversion

Lead reports for the broker 

There are too many hands involved with distributing leads and that opens up a point of failure.

EASy Solution from Chet & Beth Smith, BHHS C. Dan Joyner REALTORS®

We used a system I think a majority use, one person gets a lead and then routes to the agent on call. That slows down delivery of the lead and has a single point of failure. With the Lead Dashboard we know leads are getting routed immediately to the proper agent, while we still get notification. Then we can measure and manage our agents, our lead spends, and determine where to focus our efforts. As a side effect, I can now enjoy my vacation as I don’t have to frantically keep my phone connected so I can forward another lead. I know it’s being handled by our team.

Broker and Team lead routing pref

Lead follow-up notifications

Customizable by agent

Track first source of lead by Prospect

Agent-on-call system for routing

Prospects re-assignable between agents 

Create lead response teams

Measure effectiveness of each source

Monitor which forms produce leads

Filter options for source, agent, date...

See who is following up and who isn't

Request feedback on leads from agents 

With so many options out there, how do we distinguish ourselves from our competition and get the listings?

EASy Solution from Josh McGrath, Real Estate Central

There’s not a solution out there that doesn’t have some agent trying it. Most probably purchase the product and barely use it or never use it. The thing I like most about EASy is that the system fulfills my purchase. Most of my marketing through EASy is done without me even needing to think about it. I determine what works best for me, EASy sets up the system based on MY needs, and then they make sure my plan is executed, like Low-Hanging Fruit. Every other postcard system requires me to do something. I don’t have time. Or they only have part of the information. EASy does it all.

Stay connected with past clients

No tech to learn in order to use

No time in front of the computer

Includes Active AND Sold inventory

Your message, contact info, brand

Customize your message

Add co-sponsoring partners

Point back to your website

USPS tracking for follow-up

Improved deliver-ability

Jumbo-size for increased visibility

Top-level quality printing

Timeliness of marketing is critical to leverage new business but daily interruptions get in the way and delay it.

EASy Solution from Tammy Doss, Real Estate Central

I had always wanted to leverage Just Listed postcards to keep past clients apprised of my success and to farm listings around my new one. EASy provided a software solution that takes care of the entire process. I don’t even load a picture of the listing nor upload a list. They designed the postcard to my branding and deliver on the promises I gave my sellers while illustrating my success to past clients and leveraging the listing for farming the neighborhood. I don’t want to spend time creating mail lists and building postcards online. EASy does all of it for me.

No technology learning curve 

Custom design

Seller satisfaction

Illustrate success to build referrals

Customizable mailing

Based on listing criteria

Automation front-to-end

Tracking for follow-up phone calls

Head & Heart connections

Card stock, UV, full-color, mail lists

Confidential consultations 

Texting and QR codes

Getting in front of the sphere of your sphere is the most important goal for any agent.

EASy Solution from Bob Schmidt, BHHS C. Dan Joyner REALTORS®

EASy has the solution for using social media to grow my sphere of influence by having my sellers introduce me to their followers. What better endorsement is there? The people following me on my channels already know me so my objective is to grow my sphere through my clients. In order to do this, I need to make it as easy as possible for my clients to share me with their friends. My sellers are using their social media channels to increase my referrals. Their “word of mouth” is vital to that success. I’ve accomplished more than just getting my name out there, those referrals are now on my website generating leads.

Auto-generation with new listing

Viral boost through social media

Traffic back to your website

Viral tracking through each share

Visitors can re-share on their channels

Social friendly for pics and text

Spend less time on social media

Improves your channel for relevance

Targeted approach

Sphere growth through clients

Unique seller marketing tool

Boost through your own channels

It's not enough to tell agents what to do. They need to see how their activities determine their results.

EASy Solution from Dave & Theresa Evans, Main Street Realty

Just about every broker has every intention to help new agents. After all, there was something about them that we liked when we took them on in the first place. I can only get transactional information from MLS but my agents need coaching before the transaction stage. They need help to discern between money-producing activities and time-wasters. We review the steps every agent should be taking to generate success; connecting with past clients and following up with leads. If they do these with an honest focus on the client, they will be successful. EASy provides the focus.

Lead activity and follow-up

Nurturing database of past clients

VIP opportunities

Number of referrals

SOI marketing efforts

Website exposure based on sign-ups

SOI connectivity effectiveness

Gross commission goal

Gross commission YTD

Transaction side goals

Days on market

Dollar Volume

We know the more domains out there leading to our brand, the better.

EASy Solution from Jay Dowdy, BHHS All American Homes

We’ve used EASy for 20+ years and many of our agents have websites dating back to then. Early on, EASy knew single domains for our agents were the way to go. Although it meant more work for EASy, they knew agents would value it more and they knew our brand would get more exposure. Our agents get to promote themselves and the firm gets the benefit of having 50+ websites in the market showing the power of our brand. It’s a great recruiting tool for us and our agents love the special treatment.

Custom design based on firm

Agent-branded websites

Fully integrated IDX, blogs, etc.

Individualize SEO

Share and post across social channels

Website including software back-end

Individual analytics

Responsive design for mobile

Integrated with text and QR codes

Individual and Office custom pages

Individual and Office blog posts

View web user history on the site

“Agents need to stay in contact with their past customers but they don’t. They need a system that gives them a reason to contact their past customers with valuable information on a regular basis.”

EASy Solution from Dave Evans, Josh McGrath, and Jay Dowdy

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said, “A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”  Every satisfied customer should generate repeat and referral business for you.  NAR data shows that almost 80% of past clients say they will refer their REALTOR® to a friend and do business with that agent again but less than 25% actually do.  Past Clients and Referals are lost to competing REALTORS® because the first agent did not maintain the relationship with their past clients after closing. 

Our Home Resource Directory (HRD) gives agents valuable information to share with past clients.  The agent retains the attention of past clients and secures their role as their trusted real estate expert, helping the homeowner protect their most valuable asset.

A home is one of the largest and most important investments most people ever make.  We do everything we can to help protect and grow this very important investment.

The Home Resource Directory allows an agent to:

  Stay in Contact, Actively Listen, and Anticipate customers needs

Provide and recommend services to enhance their experience as a homeowner

Save our customers time and money by using trusted professional vendors

Our Home Resource Directory system is a multi-channel opportunity for our agents to take valuable information to their past clients and it helps our HRD Partners because our agents are presenting their clients with information as a trusted referral to the HRD Partners.

Our agents get more listings, our HRD Partners get more clients, and the brokerage offsets a major portion of our marketing expense.